Pubg lite mod apk


As you know that, The pubg mobile is most popular Android or ios Game ls available for High specs devices. Lot of budget device user want to this amazing Game but they can't, Why? Because pubg mobile required high spec to Run smoothly. Thats the reason Tencent Came up And launch a brand new android game that is pubg lite mod apk for Budget devices.

Pubg lite mod apk

Pubg lite mod apk Features.


Now the graphics of this pubg mobile mod apk is set by default according to your device. But the graphic is very low as compared to the original pubg mobile.


The most important of all Games is their control. Now the control of this pubg lite is Very similar to pubg mobile that is Original pubg mobile apk, and here no complaints about Controls.

Pubg lite mod apk


Hmmm, In this pubg lite mod apk version you have to compromise with the map. Here is less Houses As compare to the original pubg mobile. And the grass is very less.


Now, The guns is very similar as compare to the pubg mobile mod apk with the same damage Rate.


Pubg lite mod apk, Here is missing of bike In the liter version.

Pubg lite mod apk

Now how to Fix Server error

First you have to install Dns changer app
1. DNS Changer

After that open the app and tap on the first option That is ( choose a dns provider). After that select custom dns ( Enter manually)

Now type



Both the dns Same

Now clear your pubg lite mod apk Data and Run it Will ask You to Update new Version So simply Click on Cancell.

And Booooommm......
Its Runnn.

2 Steps To Download mod

[xyz-ihs snippet="pubg-lite"]

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