Billion lords mod apk

Billion Lords

23, July 2018

Billion lords mod apk, is Developed by Auer media & Entertainment. This company established on 26 March 2001, Now the Auer media and Entertainment have NT105.5$ in 2015. The main aim of this company is entertainment people. Now this time Auer media & Entertainment Launched the android game for the entertainment and the name of this game is billion lords mod apk. Basically this game is really Interesting you must have to play this game. The game is like a lego city. But actually the trail of this game is really Awesome.

Billion Lords mod apk

Billion Lords mod apk

Billion lord mod apk, This game is action and the adventure game. The characters of this billion lords is very Cute. As you know about lego city. The most popular movie. now this game also is type of like that. The characters of this game is look like Lego's Character. Now the graphics of this game is Awesome. The best part of this Android game is they can run also in a budged device there in No required of Top Notche Android phone.

Billion lords mod apk Features

Now the Game Says That, It’s good to be evil! Build your own dungeon, and lead heroes to their doom!

  • Dungeon Building

Billion lords mod apk, Now in this game you have to build your own dungeon. And you have to protect also. With help of your Troops And your Defence Army.

Billion Lords mod apk

  • Unique Troops

As you know you have to Protect your Dungeon Doom from the enemy So You have to Select Your troops. that means you have select different different troops for different different enemies.

  • League Arena

Billion lords mod apk, In this game you will get a option Of multiplayer and in this mod you will get more points

  • Billion lords mod apk

In this mod you will get unlimited money,
Unlimited health, Unlimited ammo, Everything is unlocked.

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If You wanna Really Enjoy This game You must have to Download Original Version of This game. If you wanna play just for a fun then its OK to Download mod but. In the mod or any mod of any Game you may be banned. So keep in mind And Play The game now.Billion lords mod apk

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