Worst Game Of Gameloft Ever

What is Gameloft

Gameloft, is game development company. This company is founded in 1999 by the Ubisoft co-founder Michel guillemot. Gameloft is based in Paris. They have 21 gaming studios worldwide. And the main focus of the Gameloft is to capture the mobile gaming market all over the world. The most interesting thing of Gameloft is that the 95% of share own now by the French media conglomerate Vivendi. Gameloft is well known for their interesting games, but sometime they did copy and publish like a shit (Tatti) Games Worst Game of Gameloft Ever.

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Dead Rivals Zombie

Dead Rivals Zombie, is basically the shooting game, and main feature of this Amazing Game is You have survive and kill all the zombies. Now the graphics of Dead Rivals Zombies, is very Bad. Graphic quality of this game is like 1990 game's graphic. And here Gameloft try to copy the top trending game like PUBG and Fortnight. But Gameloft failed in this mission.

Feature of Dead Rivals

  • Survive and explore, You have to survive and explore the city and kill all zombies. You have to survive from zombies.

  • Open World Game, This is also open world Game like GTA, you can feel like a real world and enjoy. You can do whatever you want to do in this game. But they have some limits.

Dead rivals mod apk

  • Customisation, Dead rival allow you to customize your class and shelters And you can increase your gaming skill to boost your power.

  • PvP, Dead rivals Zombies is online game, and you can play with Your Friend, this is most amazing feature of this game

  • Big Zombie, Don't Feel like big zombie is hero of this game. This is like a boss of all small zombie

  • Multiplayer, In today life every one want to play with Friends to show the skill of their gaming and for fame. This game also have this feature. But this is not very interesting like PUBG OR Fortnite. You have to build your team and kill zombies and the zombies are easily killed. You can connect with facebook and google play games.

  • Action, Gameloft Says That this game have amazing Action and epic graphics. But in reality this game don't have good action and good graphic. This the most worst game of Gameloft ever.

Dead Rivals Zombie Hack / Mod

Dead Rivals Zombie MMO Hack Or Mods, This Game is not a good game to play but If You really want to play this game download it from google play store. Don't waste your time to find out Worst game of Gameloft ever. i.e Dead Rivals Zombie Because you will not be able to play online in mod game.

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Dead rivals mod apk

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