Royal Blood mod apk Official For Android And IOS

Game Evil Company

Royal blood mod apk official for Android and IOS developed by the game evil. This Company is based in Seoul and this is the public Company. Game evil developed only the mobile games. This company is Founded in January 2000. And the Headquarters of This company in Korea, Torrance, California. And its main competitor is com2us.

Royal blood mod apk

About Royal Blood mod apk

Royal blood, is MMORPG And the open field Game. The graphics of this games is Amazing and this game is officially launching in south Korea in 12 January 2018, This game easily run In any android device and IOS without any problem. The best part of this game online play with your Friends. The game evil company Say's that the game quality of this game is like a PC quality game Like PUBG. This is the next generation MMORPG game.

Royal Blood mod apk Classes

Royal Blood Have four Classes and Each classes have different feature and different power.

  • Warrior, This class of this game is stand for the charge And defend The other's

  • Ranger, This class of this game is very beautiful and this class have dual gun pistol wield and crossbow.

  • Made, This class have flame Frost

  • Bard, This class have a melodic Destruction and blessed song.

Royal Blood mod apk Features

PvP, The royal Blood Android have option to play with Your Friends And in this pVp mode you will play with 3:3 player. This is Amazing And interesting Mod.

PvE, The Royal blood have a interesting mod that is PvE. In This mod you can join the others real time battle Raid battle. And you can explore the open field by completing the missions and You will increase your Skills.

RvR, aslan or harmion? In this mod You have to choose your realm and You can participate in real time 70 vs 70 RvR battle. This is also the amazing Game mod because you meet the new people in this mod.

Roya blood mod apk

Royal Blood mod apk Skill

In the royal Blood More game you play you will increase You skill set And you can your skill in depending The enemy. And As You know every class of this game have different different power that's the reason they also have different skill set. Whenever you play this game there is a skill option to use your skill it will boost your power.

Royal Blood Android Mod

Royal Blood Android mod apk, If you really Want to enjoy the story of this game don't go with the mods. Because mods did not allowed you to play with the global and you real life friend. That the reason play original game. Unfortunately you will play with this mod with the global you Will be blocked form the main server. After that you will never play this game.

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Royal blood mod apk

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