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Nexon Company

Darkness Rises is one The most Popular Android Game. The Darkness Rises is Made By the Nexon Company i.e Nexon Co.,Ltd. Nexon is the global video game company and This company is specialist in online Games And the PC Games. Its Founded in 1994 in south Korea and The Founder names is kim jung ju and jake song and the headquarter of this company in Tokyo, Japan.

Darkness rises for Android

About Darkness Rises for Android
Darkness Rises is The RPG Game And This Game Have Very beautiful Story. And You Must Have to Fight with The bosses of this Game For the next stage. The Main Features of This Game Is its Graphics. Darkness Rises Have Very Beautiful Graphic And The Gameplay is Awesome. It Support All The budgets Devices as well flagship Devices.

Darkness Rises Key Features

  • Fighting with Boss, The Most Important part of The every Game That is the Boss. Because without the boss game is nothing and there must be A good villain and powerful villain. Powerful boss increase the interest of gameplay. And the game Convert into more interesting.

  • Realistic Graphic, Darkness Rises Have A new And Amazing Realistic Graphics. and The interesting part Of this Graphic is That every budged device support this graphics There is no requirements of highest And The High An device.

  • Ground Breaking Gameplay, Darkness Rises Have Amazing Moves And Skills, You Can Control Your Enemy Against Themselves In This Game. This Is The Very funny Part Of this Game and the more interesting.

  • Epic Dungeon Raids, Darkness rises Have very epic and dangerous dungeon in this Game and can enjoy the every small part of this game.

Darkness rises for Android

Darkness Rises Mods

  • Simple Fight, When You First Time play this game you are like a simple hero. When you play this game regularly you will become more stronger And you can feel it. When you became more stronger. You have to fight with more powerful boss.

  • Multiple Gaming Mods, Darkness Rises Have multiple Gaming Mods Like Campaign match's where You Can fight With Monster And Bosses.

  • Dual PvP, In This mode you will be Able to fight with another player and you will show your skill This Is Interesting Mod.

Darkness Rises Android Heroes

Darkness Rises Have Three main Characters. and You can say that the three main classes of the game. And they have different different power.

Kenneth a.k.a warriors, This class is very Good in performing they Have a long sword to attack.

Hector a.k.a Berserkers, This class is deal with The great damage with axe. Damage is the most Important thing in every Game.

Bella a.k.a, This class have a good casting of spell each one have different and important power.

Game Info

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2 Steps To Download Mod

Select version

1) 1.5.0
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Darkness Rises Officially Download From Google Play store

Darkness rises for Android

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