What is Custom Rom

24, July 2018

In your life. You may heard about What is custom rom and something About Custom rom. In your college and in your friends Group and then you think about, “Hmmm…. they Are Talking About A launcher” No, You Are wrong. in this Article Android speed Tell you What is Custom Rom.
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What is custom rom

Now, What is Rom? Now rom is stand For Read Only memory And, what is Android Custom Rom? This Really Confusing. Now, The Android Custom Rom is Phone’s Firmware. Now this Firmware Is Bsaed on Google’s android platform. As you know Android is open source that means Any Buddy can edit the code and recompile it. And re release it for wide variety of devices. Android user’s Install custom Roms Only for appearance, performance, battery life, and ram management. Now most of the custom roms Are free to use. Custom roms are available for Android phones, smart watch’s, etc. Means you can install custom rom in any android device. But suitable device is necessary.

Whenever you buy a new android phone it comes with the stock firmware. And there is limition in stock rom. Thats why user go with custom roms to unlock the features of android phone. But keep in mind installation of any custom rom is void your phone warranty. And flashing a phone again and again may be dead. After some time. And it is not easy to recovered any dead phone.

What is custom rom

Benefits of Custom Rom


Your stock firmware performance is limited. Most of the users install custom rom to increase the performance of their android phone by overclocking. It will increase your performance. And you can play Heavy Games and game mods.

Battery life

This is very opposite to the above point. Now in this method the user want more battery life. So they underclocking the performance of their android phone and they will increase their battery life. But in this mod you can not play heavy games and you may face some lag in your android phone.


If any user like to install custom roms. They never varied about the update. Because they know that if their is new android version is available they can install any time and use it. This is just a fun for android developers.😂


In stock rom you may get limited customization option, but in a custom rom you can customized your device according to your need.

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