What is ios

An iOS is an operating system for mobile device, which mainly used by iPhones device. It is responsible for developing applications for mobile devices. ios is powered by Apple’s iOS operating system.

  • It must also have a strong understanding of the patterns and practices. ios is the second most popular mobile operating system all over the world after Android. Interaction with the OS includes gestures such as swipe, tap, pinch, and reverse pinch, all of which have specific definitions within the context of the iOS operating system and its multi-touch interface.

Pro’s of iOS

  • The ios gives best performance as compared to the android. The ios have their own chipset which is very powerful then another chipset like snapdragon, MTK.
  • The iOS has their beautiful theme its look like very premium as compare to the android themes. But their is some limitation in iOS os we cannot our theme.
  • The ios have their own chipset which have some extra power. And it will not generate heat as compared to the android devices
  • As you know the iOS has it’s own chipset so, it gives us best gaming experience.
  • The ios has n number of applications.
  • It is best for business and gaming.
  • It gives us Excellent UI and fluid responsive.
  • The ios has own security system so, it gives us excellent security.
  • The iOS has multitasking support, at the same time we can used n number of application’s.
  • It has Multi-language support which is very useful now a days.
  • It’s react Quick settings, or any application’s or notification bar.
  • The iPhonesFingerprint scanning gives tough security as compared to any mobile phones.
  • It has Excellent camera quality even though megapixels are less and the portrait mode of iphone is awesome.

con’s of iOS

  • It’s Not flexible. It’s only supports iOS devices that is iPhones.
  • The iOS is not Open Source.
  • The main disadvantages of using iOS are costly applications and no widget support.
  • As compared to android device the iOS devices are very expensive.
  • If you won’t to install it any other device except iPhones device.
  • The iOS Devices are very expensive.
  • The iOS device Supports only single SIM.
  • The Battery performance is very poor on 4G.
  • Repairing costs are very pricey of iPhones.
  • The iOS has No NFC or Radio support which is one of the major disadvantage.

iOS architecture

iOS architecture or iphone operating system are divided into four categories are sa follows:

  • Cocoa touch
  • Media layer
  • Core service
  • Core OS

Let’s see the architecture of an iOS first

Cocoa touch

What is iOS

Drives the UI

  • Provides the Controllers, Widgets, etc.

• The iOS Provides access to main system functions such as Contacts, Camera, touch input, share with other
apps, push notifications, etc.
• It Should be the first place you look for any features you want to use in your app.

Media layer

  • The media layer provides Graphics libraries live here

–Core Graphics (Quartz), OpenGL, Metal, Photos
Library, Animation
• Audio
– Media player, OpenAL, Core Audio.

Core service

  • Core service helps by Giving access to fundamental resources needed

for app
• iOS Built on Core Foundation and Foundation
– These are the basis for NeXTSTEP
• Networking, iCloud, Encryption, SQLite
• GPS, Telephony, SMS
• Facebook, Twitter.

Core OS

You’re probably not going to use these in your
• Bluetooth
• USB and other accessories
• Kernel operations

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