Top 10 Tricks To increase Android speed

20, july 2018

Top 10 Tricks To Increase Android Speed

Android speed. As You Observed that Your Desktop or Mobile Phone slow down after the 1 year. Because already You consumed the power of processor and Ram. Now its time to do some magic tricks To increase the speed of android phone. ( Androidspeed )

1. Get Info about your Device.

Now It’s very very important to Know what is your phone specification. Because you have to run Your mobile phone according to your phone Spec’s. For Example If You have a Android phone with 425 Of snapdragon. And 1 Gb of Ram. And you Flashed the Rom of Android Oreo 8.1 After That Your Phone defiantly Hang. Because They Don’t Have capacity to Run Android oreo. so You have to Run You android Apps According To your Phone Spec’s. If your android Phone Have Low specs. You will Go with Lite Apps.

How to increase android speed

Top 10 Tricks To Increase Android Speed

2. Always Update Your Android phone

You must have to Always Update Your Android Phone. But Keep it mind Don’t Go with Custom Rom. And flash It Again and Again. If Will Dead Your android Phone. Update Your Android with The official Website. Or Official Firmware. Because They will fix Some bugs And increase The performance of Androidspeed.

how to increase android speed

3. Don’t Keep unwanted Apps

As You know, More Apps You Installed They Take some storage And They run in Background that means They also consumed Your Ram. If Your Really Want To Increase your android speed. You must have to remove that apps and uninstall them. (Top 10 tricks to increase android speed)

4. Disable All Unnecessary Apps

Now, This is also the most important Step to disable unnecessary app that pre-installed apps. If your Stock android user there is no need of disabling Apps because in stock Android you get pure Android apps. There is no Unnecessary Apps From google. If you have micromax and these types of another phone you must have to disabled lot of apps. Micromax pre install lot of shit apps to increase the revenue by ads. (Fuck off)

5. Update Your Android Apps Regularly

The app Developers Always try to make Their Apps More Faster And Responsive. That the reason. If You really Try To increase your android speed you must have to update Your phone apps Regularly.
Top 10 tricks to increase Android speed

6. Use new Generations Memory Card

The android Internal storage is not sufficient to store Heavy Games, Android Apps, etc. Thats why android users Always go with portable storage. Now here is you have select The best classe of memory Card. According to your generation it will boost Your Android speed.

How to increase android speed

7. Don’t Use Unnecessary Widgets

Widgets is not a Android App. Here, Widgets gives you Quick Access To Control you app. But here is the main point, when ever you Use a widgets of a App. That Means that particular app always running in background. So you have to disable all unnecessary widget, That tips will Increasing your Android speed.

8. Don’t Use Live Wallpaper

It really beautiful to use live wallpaper. But here we are talking About how to increase Android. Speed. So you have to avoid using live wallpaper. Because live wallpaper consumed your more battery and it will diminish your android speed.

how to increase android speed

9. Avoid Third party Launchers

Launchers Can Customize your android phone. But It will also decrease your Android speed. Because this is the third party App and they have permissions of your Camera, Phone, Storage, etc. and launcher always Running. It will also Decrease Your android speed.

10. Avoid Anti Virus App

There is no Requirement of any Anti virus App, And any cleaner App. Because if you wanna do Something In your Android Phone. First The Data transfer to that (Shit anti virus tool) after that they will scanned it. After the processing is done. Now you can work in your Device. That means It will take Lot of time to scan a app or file. and all of these anti virus App shit. This is the major cause to slow down your android speed.

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Top 10 Tricks To Increase Android speed
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